Smart Neighborhood - Altus at the Quarter

The Altus at The Square Smart Neighborhood is a planned energy efficient high-performance community in Atlanta consisting of modern townhouses. The project seeks to demonstrate the efficiency benefits of high performance emerging technology.
EPRI is partnering with Southern Company and Pulte Group to develop this community and its efficiency measures, which include:
• High efficiency heat pump water heating and high SEER HVAC systems
• Integrated smart home package with Wi-Fi thermostats, plug load controls, and security systems
• Rooftop Solar PV, battery storage
The goals of this project include:
• Demonstrate the energy saving potential of high performance appliances in a large scale residential setting.
• Develop data collection pipelines to determine how to improve customer energy bill savings and test the performance of energy efficiency measures.
• Testing the ability of rooftop solar PV and battery storage to improve load balancing.
• Better understand how to align energy efficiency features to improve customer comfort.
The research questions surrounding this community include:
• What impact will battery storage have on integration with the overall grid?
• How can we use customer and energy data collected here to improve future energy efficient communities?
• What emerging technologies should be further pursued for usage in other residential communities?

In this project, EPRI is focused on determining how to further improve energy efficient high-performance residences. Specifically, EPRI is searching for the proper appliances, construction methods, and additional measures to improve the process of developing the next generation of green homes.