All Electric ZNE and Zero Carbon Community - Irvine

CitySquare at Irvine is a planned Zero Net Energy community constructed to determine the efficiency benefits of full home electrification. EPRI is partnered with Meritage Homes to create 44 state of the art townhouses, each up to 2,171 square feet. EPRI worked with the builder to eliminate gas runs to the homes, allowing for full electrification and potentially zero carbon.
EPRI is partnering with Meritage Homes to implement the following energy efficiency features:
• 4 kW Rooftop Solar PV
• High efficiency heat pump water heaters
• Complete home electrification
The goals of this project include:
• Demonstrating the energy saving potential of home electrification.
• Determining new methods of home construction to achieve Zero Net Energy status.
• Analyzing the performance of upgraded HVAC and HPWH systems and using usage data to further improve energy reductions.
The research questions surrounding this project include:
• How effective is full electrification in providing energy reductions that allow homes to reach California’s 2020 ZNE goals?
• How does rooftop solar impact grid load balancing?
• Where can further improvements be made in the design of high performance energy efficient homes?

In this project, EPRI is testing all facets of home electrification. To this effect, new appliances and devices are being optimized to this array of design. In this way, EPRI is researching alternate and potentially more efficient paths to reaching Zero Net Energy status in larger communities.